West Virginia 8th worst state for fatal car accidents, study finds

West Virginia

WEST VIRGINIA (WDVM) — A study ranked West Virginia as the eighth-worst state for fatal car accidents.

“In West Virginia particularly, one of the reasons why it has a lot of troubles is because the roads are very poorly conditioned and not very well lit, and so that leads to a lot of fatal accidents,” Chris Tepedino, a features writer for 360 Quote LLC, said.

The study looked at data between 2016 and 2018 and found 4.58 fatal crashes per 100,000 residents. It also found an average of 1.37 fatal accidents annually per 100 million miles traveled.

“The main thing, I think, with West Virginia when it comes to those rural roads is try to keep a slower pace,” Tepedino said.

Tepedino said that a lot of these deaths were caused by roadway departures, which is a major cause of fatal accidents across the U.S.

“Just being aware of what’s going on in your general driving environment will really keep you safer when dealing with these issues,” he said.

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