The Jefferson County Museum launches new vintage toy exhibit

West Virginia

Museum launches a new exhibit with artifacts from the 20th century

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. (WDVM) — The Jefferson County Museum launched a new exhibit this week with artifacts that traveled in time from the 20th century into 2019.

From rocking chairs to old pictures and teddy bears, the Jefferson County Museum featured an exhibit with vintage artifacts from a woman named Jane Snyder Miller who lived in Shepherdstown, West Virginia her whole life. After passing away in 2015 her son donated her old toys.

“It’s wonderful to see people bring in what they have kept what the family has kept things like that, a lot of the times they are in remarkable condition for their age and it’s always something new so it’s great to see,” Sarah Huston said, a museum curator.

The artifacts traveled through time from the 20th century and are in pristine condition. They include clothes that were worn, dolls and furniture.

“Its really neat to see the care that was taken for the clothing, the stitching like that, very unique,” Huston said.

Museum officials say they want to make sure they have pieces of history from all around the area. “All these are from Shepherdstown, the toys and the dolls, we didn’t have many things in our collection from Shepherdstown in particular and we are the Jefferson County museum so we want to include all the county in our exhibit and events and things like that,” Huston also said.

Museum officials also say they regulate the air and keep the lights dim so the original artifacts can last a lifetime. With all the history in the local area, the museum says they take donations of all kinds.

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