The heart of Berkeley Springs reopens after recent floods

West Virginia

Looking at Berkeley Springs State Park, you won’t believe how hard it was hit when the county was in a state of emergency because of area flooding.

“I was just like no way! This can’t be real,” said Abby Wood, a lifeguard at the park’s pool

When Wood arrived to work after the floods, overflowing rivers swept the grounds and covered the pool causing it to shut down just days after it opened.  

“Once everything leveled up with the pool, the streams and the run over here really looked like chocolate milk. It was really nasty. We had to make sure everyone was up to date with their shots, so we wouldn’t get sick or anything,” Wood said.

Cleanup started right away for Wood and workers at the park, as it took nearly five days to get things back on track.

“It took a team. Our whole team worked very hard and was diligent about getting the work done. We can’t thank them enough. They did really well,” said Jamie Foltz, spa manager.

With the school year coming to an end, cleanup was a priority for the park, so children in the area could once again enjoy summer in Berkeley Springs.

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