The Harlem Wizards squared off against educators in Jefferson County

West Virginia
It was all fun at Jefferson High School on Tuesday. The Harlem Wizards signed autographs and showed off cool tricks.
“We’re here for the kids. There are forever lasting memory for tonight. We’re going to be doing a lot of tricks, a whole lot of stuff,” said Leon Sewell , also known as Space Jam, a member of the Harlem Wizards.
Before the actual game, the Wizards put on a show.
The teachers team even had a few Jefferson High School seniors.
“I mean we’re going to try our best. We play for the school, so we’re not sure how this is going to go,” said Jordan Hibberd, A Jefferson High School senior.
“We’ll try,” said Keion Beane, a Jefferson High School senior. 
Sewell says the Wizards we’re going to take it easy at first, but they’re going to put in work. 
“We may give them a few points, but at the end of the night we’ve got to show who’s dominant,” said Sewell. 
Once the game started, the teachers team started off strong.
But, the Wizards answered back and showed them who the true professionals are.
While the game was fun, it was put on for a good cause. The event was a fundraiser for the Shepherdstown Rotary Club. The proceeds benefit rotary student college and high school programs.

“It’s all about the community. We’re glad the community is here. From Jefferson County as well as Berkeley County,” said Terrance Anderson, Chairman of Youth Services for Rotary of Shepherdstown. 

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