Task force aims to tackle domestic violence

West Virginia

The Berkeley County Domestic Violence Task Force was made with a single goal in mind: to put an end to domestic violence in the community.

“Prosecute, prevent and protect against domestic violence,” said Andrea Riley, task force coordinator. “So everything that we have worked on to this point, is to kind of, hit those three goals.”

Within the few months that the task force began operations, they partnered with community leaders and agencies to put together a resource network that would provide assistance to victims of domestic violence.

“People don’t know who to call. People don’t know who’s available. We’re available. We’re here. We’re here to help,” said Lou Anne Kramer.

Kramer is a family assistance specialist with the West Virginia National Guard, and it’s part of her job to help people. But she also has a history with domestic violence.

“In a nutshell, I walked away from the barrel of a gun,” said Kramer. “My daughter and I fled.”

But at that time, there wasn’t a task force nor a resource network to help Kramer and her daughter. But with the creation of this organization, she hopes that no one else has to experience the same struggles she did.

“Someone comes to me. I don’t want them to fall through a crack,” said Kramer. “I want to be able to give them to the right person.”

Now the task force has mainly been offering educational resources to the community, but they also plan on taking in and analyzing data in regards to domestic violence in Berkeley County. 

“So that way, as we’re working towards projects that we want to implement within the community, we can actually have a way to track things,” said Riley.

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