Supporters, opponents of West Virginia Amendment One are looking to educate voters

West Virginia

This Election Day, West Virginians will be able to decide on state funding for abortion.

West Virginia Amendment One  is also known as the “No Right to Abortion in Constitution Measure.” 

A “yes” vote, means that language will be added to the current constitution expressing that the state doesn’t have to secure or protect the right to abortion, or fund the. 

A “no” vote, means that the language won’t be added, and the status quo would remain for now.
Both supporters and opponents of the constitutional amendment are working to ensure all are educated on the matter before a decision is made.

“A couple people have come up to us because they’re confused on how to vote,” said Lori Cascio. Cascio a West Virginia resident is volunteering on the Yes on 1 campaign, even taking off time from her job with Students for Life of America, to work on it.

Sot julie warden/vote no: “This amendment goes far beyond Medicaid funding for abortion it actually opens the door for politicians and it paves the way for them to pass further restrictions in the future,” said Julie Warden, communications director with West Virginia Free, a pro-choice organization.

As of today, there are still federal laws that protect abortions, but if those protections were to be overturned then things would change. 

“The ball goes back in the court of the legislatures who are more accountable to constituents to decide the laws that go forward in our state,” said Cascio.

“For the first time in the state’s history, politicians have decided to put this on the ballot to actually take rights away from West Virginians,” said Warden.

For more information on West Virginia Amendment One, click here

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