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Study: West Virginia ranks top 10 out of 47 of surveyed states for student bullying

According to WalletHub's, "2018's States with the Biggest Bullying Problems."

BERKELEY COUNTY, W.Va. - A recent survey by the CDC, Census Bureau and the National Education Association states West Virginia ranks eight out of 47 of the surveyed states for student bullying. 

"I'm really shocked actually, I just would never have thought," said Christine Butrim who has a child at Spring Mills Primary in Berkeley County.

She says she hasn't had any issues, but sees the need for schools to take action. 

"We  have several schools that have had an application put onto their chrome book or an ipad... They are able to be able to type in and share something that's happening," said  
Elice Gregory, Assistant Director of Student Support Services for Berkeley County Schools. 

Berkeley County school officials say the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is in all of their schools and since it's implementation in 2012, "we have seen the self reports of bullying diminish actually in berkeley county since implementing the program." 

They say they're working on more lessons geared towards cyber bullying.

"We are implementing additional lessons to share so our students know how serious it is," said Gregory. 

Even so, staff say more work needs to be done to tackle this issue head on such as getting more parents on board. 

"What is their child telling them, what are they seeing, so it really helps us to shape and see what we need to do better," said Gregory. 

For Butrim, it's not a problem for her. 

"I would come to the school and see what we could do to make it better," she said. "To make a better school for my children and for other children." 

School officials say they will start rolling out the Olweus program for pre-kindergarten after kicking off Bully Prevention Week that begins September 24. 

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