Stonerise Healthcare is ensuring that all of its patients have a gift under their trees on Christmas

West Virginia

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WBOY) – Every year, the Stonerise Healthcare facilities in West Virginia provide a few gifts for its patients during the holiday season. This year, with the abundance of work brought upon the nursing homes, Charleston’s corporate office decided to take on the duty of being Santa Claus this year.

Stonerise Healthcare set a goal to raise $14,000 to donate blankets, necklaces, perishable food, and other necessary items to all of its nursing home and hospice patients.

Chad Pelphrey making the purchases.

“Our mission is through love, serve one another,” said CEO, Stonerise Therapy Amy Tipton. “All of our employees, but certainly our patients, have had a really tough year. We wanted to make sure that every patient under the care of Stonerise had a gift to open Christmas morning. To know that, people dug into their pockets with no hesitation, and said yeah, sign us up where do we give; it was just like an outpouring of love.”

Chad Pelphrey, Corporate Administrative Assistant, acted as Santa this year, and made all the purchases, and helped with the delivery.

“Whenever I agreed to do all the shopping, you know I wasn’t doing it for any attention for me. I was doing it out of love for the patients,” said Pelphrey. “We brought some volunteers in to help package everything, get it ready to go. I was just kind of in awe just watching, and I have to say at one point I was fighting back tears.”

The work did not go unnoticed. A Bridgeport resident, Quinn Miller, was in line behind Pelphrey when he was purchasing dozens of blankets. She shared the story online and her appreciation that we are all still looking out for one another, even right now.

“Some of these people don’t have anything. They don’t have food on their table, they don’t have a gift under their tree. Knowing we are able to do that for them, it just brightens my day,” said Pelphrey.

The donations made helped to raise well over the initial goal for the campaign, and even have some gifts left over.

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