Snow announcement rap video goes viral

West Virginia

Snow days are enough excitement as it is, but Alexander White, a staff member from Jefferson County Schools decided to surpass the usual school closing phone call and try another way to reach the parents and students — through rap. 

When parents woke up to check out his Facebook page, Friends of Mr. White, they came across a video of a man rapping out the school closure, complete with custom lyrics to the tune of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. 

Take a listen: 

 “I’m really not much of a singer but I knew a rap was something I could pull off,” White told WDVM. 

He chose the tune of Fresh Prince because he knew most people would recognize it. “For many of us, it sparks some 90’s nostalgia! Plus, Will Smith has always been a stand-up guy,” White said. 

Some had no idea what he looked like, but they knew his voice well. 

And he was right — the Fresh Prince tune resonated enough to get 50,000 views at the time this article published. 

He said people had been requesting a singing video announcement and wanted to try something different.

But even though the audience wants more, White isn’t going to make a new rap video for every snow day Jefferson County gets. 

“As for an encore, I’ll have to see what else inspires me and keep the people guessing,” he said. 

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