Sheetz speaks out about nationwide coin shortage

West Virginia

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – The nationwide coin shortage is an issue affecting many people and businesses. Sheetz is one example of one of these businesses that have seen a pattern affecting customers.

Sheetz has been open since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, and Public Relations Manager, Nick Ruffner, said that may have something to do with it, but they are definitely not alone with seeing some sort of side effects.

“I think all of our 600 store locations have been impacted in some way. We’re seeing the coin shortage affect business in the convenience store industry, and also the industries that make up the retail sector,” said Ruffner. “So, we’re really not unique among companies like ours seeing this effect. But there are many ways we have worked so our customers have the least amount of difficulty when shopping with us.”

One of these ways is using the Sheetz app for purchases and placing orders. Ruffner said there are extra benefits with using the app but aside from that, you can avoid seeing mishaps when using cash to pay.

Another way they are working to get more coins through their systems is by highlighting their “Sheetz for the Kids” campaign. This campaign started in the early ’90s as a way for Sheetz locations across the country to collect donations that would go into purchasing gifts for children in the winter months.

All they ask for is the extra change in your pocket, and it ends up adding up to a lot more.

“It has been an awesome program, that is run by employees at each facility. I mean, every year we are able to provide gifts for about 16 per Sheetz locations, allowing us to bring gifts to about 10,000 kids each year,” said Ruffner. “It is a great program overall, but just something we are especially trying to highlight right now because of this coin shortage.”

Ruffner, along with other Sheetz employees also highly encourage those who do not wish to use their app for purchases, to use a form of debit or credit card to avoid any difficulties that may be a result of the coin shortage.


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