West Virginia

Sen. Manchin discusses displeasure with Affordable Care Act lawsuit

Senator Joe Manchin says he is not in favor of the current lawsuit, which would no longer require insurance companies to cover Americans with pre-existing conditions.
The lawsuit is being carried out by 20 U.S attorney generals across the country. It would allow insurance companies to deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions health care. Manchin says he believes that protection in the Affordable Care Act is crucial because he believes it will put 800,000 West Virginias in jeopardy.
"If you have a pre-existing condition, If you have a loved one, or you yourself had cancer and they're going to say sorry, you might be percentage wise to sick wise for us to cover you, so we're not going to take care of you. It's not who we are in America. It's not what we're about in West Virginia," said Manchin.
Senator Manchin has also asked those in West Virginia to share with his office how the provisions would affect them and their families.

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