Project Hope warns heat sickness looks similar to public intoxication

West Virginia

OHIO COUNTY, W.VA. (WTRF) — The temperatures will continue to rise next week in the Ohio Valley but not everyone has the luxury of going home to air conditioning.

During the scorching hot days of July, it’s important to know the signs and symptoms of someone who may have been in the heat for too long.
Early signs of a heat stroke include confusion and slurred speech.
These symptoms can sometimes look similar to that of someone under the influence, but in this heat you should always assume it’s heat related.

Sometimes those signs can be confused with somebody you may think is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Often times it starts with somebody who is confused. So it’s important to know what the signs and symptoms are of a heat related injury. Once a person loses consciousness, if you find someone out in the heat like that, you should automatically assume it’s heat related and call 9-1-1.

Crystal Bauer, Director of Project Hope

An even more serious heat related injury can be heat exhaustion, with symptoms like nausea, vomiting and dehydration.

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