Political contributions have increased in West Virginia

West Virginia

It passed in the House, it passed in the Senate and now bill 622 sits at Governor Jim Justice’s desk waiting to be vetoed.

This bill has increased campaign contributions to political candidates from $1,000  to $5,000 for PACs and to $10,000 to a party. For voters, however, the increase is up to $1,800. 

65th District Delegate Sammi Brown said she opposes this bill with all her heart. “What legislator is going to come home and say to their constituents, guess what I accomplished for you? I made sure you could use more money.”

She said that her own campaign, although successful, was not funded by special interests and “dark money.” As someone from a “not-so-great-upbringing,” this bill hits close to home, she adds.

Brown said she refuses to allow West Virginians to have the wool pulled over their eyes.

Republican Representative Paul Espinoza of the 66th District disagrees. He thinks no one is getting any wool pulled over their eyes.

“West Virginia is still going to be one of the lowest contribution levels in the country….” He says this bill, in reality, is helping candidates who could not fund themselves and will finally bring West Virginia up to speed with federal requirements for contribution. Also, he claims, the increase is a constitutional right of people who run for office. 

Of the West Virginians that chose to speak, Katie Devall expressed her desire for the bill to be vetoed. Until then, it’s time to play the waiting game as Governor Jim Justice makes his decision. 

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