Police warn Eastern Panhandle residents of a phone scam

West Virginia

In the past two days, some residents in the Eastern Panhandle may have received an unwarranted call. Law enforcement officials say it’s a scam.

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office says the caller poses as a Deputy U.S. Marshal and demands the resident to purchase a pre-paid card, also known as a Green Dot MoneyPak card. The victim is instructed to call back the telephone number provided and provide the serial number on the card. Officials say they’ve seen residents scammed up to $8,000.
“No law enforcement agency is going to contact someone and receive payment over the phone. If someone receives a call like that and they think something is not right get off the phone and contact local law enforcement. Just ask them about that, if it’s something that’s right or not,” said Brendan Hall, Lieutenant with Criminal Investigations Division of Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office.
While anyone can fall victim, officials say the elderly are more likely to be targeted.

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