Pharmaceutical transparency website launched for WV

West Virginia

CHARLESTON. W.Va. – State Auditor John B. McCuskey announced the launch of the State Auditor’s transparency website for drugs in West Virginia.

In partnership with AARP, will post information about every prescription drug sold in West Virginia. Information will include costs to produce, current drug prices, why some prices are increasing along with a list of drugs whose prices have increased, drugs that have lost their patent rights, and the costs related to research and development.

“In 2020, the West Virginia Legislature passed Senate Bill 689 which required pharmaceutical drug
manufacturers, and companies that issue health benefit plans to submit those health plans and drug pricing
information to the State Auditor’s Office to be posted on the state transparency website,” McCuskey said.
“This is increasingly important data for our aging population that relies on these drugs for a variety of
healthcare needs. An informed consumer base allows for real-time accountability and fairness in pricing
across the prescription drug market, while also providing a window of information to each consumer in
West Virginia.”

Gaylene Miller, AARP West Virginia State Director, said “It is important that we bring transparency to
the prescription drug pricing process and start to address prescription drug affordability on the federal and
state level. AARP has been a national leader in this effort, and we thank the West Virginia Legislature
and Auditor McCuskey for their work to bring greater disclosure and accountability from the
pharmaceutical industry. Drug prices keep rising, even for medications that have been on the market for
decades. The establishment of this website is an important step to bring transparency to the process and
start to address rising prescription drug costs for West Virginia families who often have to decide between
food, medicine, and paying their utility bills”.

As one of the co-sponsors of Senate Bill 689, Senator Ryan Weld added “Generic and name brand
prescription drug prices have increased, but when this happens, we don’t know why. Therefore, I helped
introduce legislation to answer that question. I’m proud to have partnered with AARP to introduce this
bipartisan legislation to keep our citizens informed. Pharmaceutical companies and health benefit plan
issuers with a pharmacy component will now be held accountable to our consumers for their pricing

Information relating to drug pricing and the drugs these companies produce, as well as which companies
complied with the statute, can be found on the site at

Questions about the data and why certain information is shown should be directed to our transparency
team at 304-558-2251. Questions about pricing information, and the reason for the prices shown should
be directed to the corresponding drug company you are viewing.

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