Patients grow worrisome over the wait for COVID-19 test results

West Virginia

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (WDVM) — As testing for COVID-19 becomes readily available, testing sites are starting to see an increase in workload.

“There is a lot of testing going on nationally. And while our third-party partners are trying very diligently to make sure they can get the results back as quickly as possible, it is typically taking about a week, seven days, to get results back,” said Samantha Richards, vice president of Berkeley and Jefferson Medical Centers.

However, one Martinsburg man says he was told he only had to wait two to four days.

“So they initially said two to four days from that Wednesday, putting me at the latest Saturday. And then I called again and they pushed it out three more days, which is seven days total,” said Zachary B. “But at this point, I’m wondering if I’ll ever get a call from them.”

While waiting for the results, Zachary says he has been following the guidelines of staying home unless symptoms grow worse.

“I know it’s trying for people to have to wait,” said Richards, “but you know we’re working diligently with our partners to get results turned around as soon as possible and then send that communication out to the community.”

However, Zachary says he has other medical issues to worry about, “If I don’t have COVID, then I need to go to the doctor to figure out what is wrong with me.”

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