Over 20 people arrested after Rockwool protests

West Virginia
24 people were arrested Thursday evening in West Virginia following Rockwool protests as they continue through the plant’s construction.
The sound of cheer filled the air as protesters watched their members handcuffed and escorted into police cruisers. Just over the bridge off of Charles Town Road is where the plant has started its controversial construction. “A number of people lined up across the road in front of the gates to the plant and sat down and did the risk of arrest which did transpire at that point, as the officers were giving the folks risking arrest we were instructed to leave and come back over the bridge,” Grant Prillaman said, the hearing committee for resist Rockwool.
Only 50 people were allowed to cross the bridge onto the construction site of the plant. Each protester with a story to tell. “I have a message for Denmark, don’t do to West Virginia what you wouldn’t do to your own country, get out of here and leave us alone,” Rebecca Phipps said, a protestor. “Rockwool needs to get the heck out of our county, go back to your own country,” Jacques LaMarre said, another protestor. People concerned about pollution, destroying historic property and much more.

“They are choosing to make us their guinea pigs, they are choosing to put us in harms way, they are choosing to save money by using coal and gas and putting children in direct harms way its disgusting and I’m 100% against this factory, we will stop it,” Scott Sarich said, a protester and a parent. Protesters say, they’ll do anything they can to stop the plant from taking over their county, even if that means getting arrested. “In Jefferson County and neighboring counties have to use every tool at our disposal to try and stop construction of this plant,” Prillaman said. Protest leaders say this is not the last, there are more protests planned for the future.

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