No-show mayor leaves Harpers Ferry residents upset

West Virginia

HARPERS FERRY, W.Va. (WDVM) — It was an unprecedented event for many residents in Harpers Ferry as the mayor and three council members did not show up for Monday’s town council meeting, leaving it up to the town recorder to cancel it.

Many of the residents who had planned to attend the meeting also spent two hours prior waiting for the mayor and those councilmembers to show up for a separate, special meeting that was meant to recount the ballots from the town’s 2019 municipal election.

“Judge McLaughlin issued a ruling to the town of Harpers Ferry to open the four provisional ballots that the previous town council, the current town council members, and the board of canvassers refused to do,” said Nancy Case who was a candidate for town council in the election.

The four provisional ballots she’s talking about were initially thrown out due to clerical errors. However, in order to proceed with the special meeting, a quorum of at least four is required.

Throughout the allotted time for the special meeting, only three councilmembers were present. So the residents waited the two hours, passing the time by voicing their concerns

“We have members of our town council who continue — are continuing to suppress the most basic rights of the democratic republic, the right to vote,” said Jerry Hutton.

However, only one person among the crowd spoke otherwise.

“I would ask everyone to show the same kind of patience for the legal process to play out,” said George Owen.

While the court order did not specify a deadline, Nancy Case said she will have her counsel draft up a writ of mandamus to set a date.

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