New law supports public shooting ranges as forms of recreation and a way for gun safety

West Virginia

Opportunities for recreational and competitive shooting are becoming rarer across the country, but President Trump has signed a bill into law that Senator Shelley Moore Capito is hoping will change that.

The Target Practice and Markmanship Training Support Act will now allow 90 percent of the excise tax on guns and ammunition to go back into the Pittman-Robertson fund that supports the building of public shooting ranges. 

Critics have asked why this and why now? 

“It’s a priority for me because all of the other big issues,[like] Broadband and tax reform, are really big issues. But, a lot of people in West Virginia recreate through marksmanship and training and sportsman target practicing,” explained Senator Capito. 

Senator Capito says there’s been a distinct lack of shooting ranges for West Virginians to enjoy. The West Virginia Department of Natural Resources lists about 30 shooting ranges in the state. 

Other critics online have brought up recent gun violence in the country to criticize the law, but Senator Capito says she believes the law will make gun use safer. 

 “I think it promotes the safety of using your firearms. I think having a public shooting range availability and support is very important,” said Senator Capito. 

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