NESCorp teaches students who are deaf or blind how to build their own free laptop

West Virginia
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The National Educational Support Corporation, otherwise known as NESCorp visited West Virginia’s School for the Deaf and the Blind Thursday to host their free laptop workshop.

Over the course of several days, students were taught the ins and outs of computers and how they work. Ultimately, the students get to take the laptops home free of charge, all thanks to NESCorp.

NESCorp’s mission is to enhance the overall quality of life for underserved, misguided or ostracized youth and adults. C.E.O Martin Easley has seen his laptop program impact hundreds of lives, but witnessing visually impaired students take advantage of his program apparently changed his own.

“Everybody would count this particular population as challenged and that’s not the case.” said Easley. “They’ve rearranged my thinking about how I approach anything. We have one who’s completely blind and she attacks challenges like no other than I’ve ever seen and we want them to be proactive, let’s look at a plethora of things that will improve their life.”

Two students who are close to graduation said the laptops really meant a lot to them, but more importantly, the education they learned is something they can also teach others.

“The people that come in are so nice and so informative,” said West Virginia School for the Blind Student Ahmad Shafi. “Then they set the laptop down and I was sitting there fooling around with it and he says ‘alright let’s get our grounding straps on, there’s a tool kit there, oh that’s yours.’ I didn’t know how to feel, just built up with excitement and happiness and I think this is the best learning experience that I’ve ever had.”

NESCorp plans to expand their laptop program statewide in West Virginia to ensure everybody gets a chance to chase their dreams.

“I learned how to build a computer and it’s amazing because I could probably do it blindfolded,” said West Virginia School for the Blind Student Jacob Glover. “Probably just building it in general because now I can show off to my friends.”

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