Mosquitoes are bugging a Berkeley County neighborhood

West Virginia

Mosquitoes have been bugging a neighborhood in Berkeley County.

As we all know, mosquitos can be a bother. While this longtime Martinsburg resident Pete Casper says he doesn’t have a problem, saying, “I don’t have an issue with it. Maybe it’s the tough old skin, you know after 91 years. Why it gets tougher,” other people living in the neighborhood are fed up. One local resident says every time he walks out of his house, he gets eaten up by the mosquitoes.

Berkeley County Health Department officials say in prior years, they’ve had a mosquito grant throughout the state of West Virginia, but were forced to end their program due to funding cuts. Robert Deener, Epidemiologist at the Berkeley County Health Department, advises people to take precautions.

“We recommend, even if you have a tire swing to drill holes up on it,” said Deener. “If you have pools that you’re not using, like wading pools to empty them and tilt them against a wall so no water gets in.”

Health officials say mosquitoes are always a problem, but residents should have no reason to be concerned. Deener says mosquitoes may still stick around for a few weeks, urging people to follow some safety tips.

“Even when you’re going outside to wear repellent with concentrations of DEET in it. Also to wear long sleeves, pants, shoes if the weather is permitting for that,” he said. 

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