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West Virginia

MORGANTOWN, W.Va – One local small business is expanding to one of the nations biggest retailers. Ray’s Rub, a seasoning business based out of Morgantown, is now available for purchase on Amazon.

“West Virginia doesn’t have a seasoning to its name,” said Brody Prudnick, Owner of Ray’s Rub. “I just really love the state, I love where I live, I love the people here. I’ve traveled a lot and there’s nobody like the people in West Virginia. You probably hear people say this a lot but it is absolutely true: we have one-of-a-kind people in West Virginia, and its such a great state. I just really want to grow this seasoning and make a name for it.”

Prudnick started the business with his dad’s, Ray Prudnick Jr., seasoning recipe. The blend of 21 herbs and spices can be put on any kind of meat. It has no sugar, no MSG, is non G-M-O and is gluten free.

“There’s so many seasonings and so many different sauces, and we have no idea what we’re putting into our bodies,” Prudnick said. “But a lot of the time there’s add sugars, and things to add weight to a product so that it can be more cost effective for a company to produce it, but there’s non of that with rays rubs”

You can find Ray’s Rub on Amazon or on You can also contact Ray’s Rub for samples here.

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