MOMS Club of Martinsburg encourages “Intentional Parenting”

West Virginia

Martinsburg mothers are changing parents lives with a new technique

The MOMS Club of Martinsburg is a local nonprofit chapter of MOMS International and they believe that intentional parenting is something that’s crucial in modern society.

According to MOMS International, intentional parenting is all about choosing your path, planning core values to teach your child and how to go about it; it’s the complete opposite of simply reacting to whatever comes up.

“It really focuses on what our child is getting out of the activities that we’re doing.” said Parent Educator at Burlington Family Services Kati Blankenship. “Like, if we’re doing laundry and we’re sorting things, we can discuss the colors as we’re sorting it. Just typical chores that we do every day can be a learning experience.”

According to club members, they can see a huge difference between normal parenting and intentional parenting.

“It’s about you and your child whereas normal parenting tends to be involved with what your mother in law says or what the other mom down the street says, that’s what a lot of modern parents are dealing with,” said MOMS Club Member Adrienne Borgman.

At the BE-hive, moms are learning how to do every day tasks but turning them into fun learning activities that not only engage the child, but help them bond. The rules are completely up to you.

“I do like intentional parenting because I feel like it gives the parent and child freedom to practice different activities instead of kinda being in a classroom.” said MOMS Club Member Leah Green. “You don’t have guidelines, it’s freedom you can do whatever you want.”

Many mothers at the BE-hive said that they couldn’t imagine parenting any other way.

“It helps knowing myself so I know how to parent him, knowing him to know how he needs parented is important.” said MOMS Club Member Victoria McElhaney. “So, knowing how he learns so i know how to teach him so I’ve seen a lot of progress in that.”

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