Mom-and-pop shops try competing with the “big boys” in pandemic economy

West Virginia

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. (WDVM) — Small businesses have faced many challenges during these endless months of the pandemic, but big businesses? Not as much.

McDonald’s, for example, reports strong quarterly earnings despite labor shortages and supply-chain problems. But what about our local mom-and-pop stores on Main Street?

Terri Hardin of Berkley Springs, West Virginia opened a cheese shop in the early months of the COVID -19 crisis. Getting the product delivered reliably, she says, has not been a smooth process; but she feels fortunate that Berkely Springs is attracting a lot of visitors and new residents.

Her tiny gourmet boutique is actually thriving, though “fussing with the masks,” she says, has been — in her words — “a real hassle.”

“There were times where we limited the number of people that were coming into the store, and we did lose business on that because people don’t want to stand outside and wait, but it was just necessary for public safety,” said Hardin.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s says its earnings would have been even higher last quarter, but it had to close dining rooms and cut operating hours at many of its stores.

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