Miss West Virginia Earth visits Martinsburg for “Think Global, Act Local” campaign

West Virginia

"I think it's amazing what she's trying to do for West Virginia."

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (WDVM) — Miss West Virginia Earth Mikaela Gillespie brought her “Get Involved, Think Global, Act Local” campaign to Martinsburg Tuesday morning by making use of normal items around the house that can actually help improve the environment.

“If we act local, it will spread to being global,” said Gillespie. “If I was to be Miss Earth U.S.A, I’d want to come back to West Virginia because we’ve lost a lot of our coal industry and I think it would be amazing if we could bring in green energy, that would bring back jobs for us and make our eco-tourism soar.”

Gillespie is competing for Miss Earth U.S.A in the upcoming weeks, but she wants to bring the national title back home to West Virginia to improve her community.

“The fact that she’s young and she’s incorporating our younger generation into recycling and making use of things we normally don’t make use of makes it even better to show the kids that we don’t need to throw this bottle away, we can put it out of our window and watch the birds,” said Berkeley County Mother Kristen Vogel.

However, Gillespie wants to take her campaign and make a serious impact across West Virginia when it comes to the coal industry.

“Around 1990, we had 150,000 coal jobs and it’s dropped to about 40,000,” said Gillespie. “That’s a drastic drop. My state is suffering from it and we might want to replace the coal energy entirely with clean energy, green energy like windmills. We can make money and we could fuel our energy if not months and years if we store up enough of it.”

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