Mini Med School breaks down COVID-19 population data in West Virginia

West Virginia

Watch the full Mini Med School update for Tuesday, May 19 below.

Dr. Matt Simmons from WVU Hospital gave a “Mini Med School” update for COVID-19 in West Virginia on Tuesday. The update included clearing up any misunderstanding regarding what we know about the demographics of people who test positive.

He said the 1.97% cumulative positive test results of all tests administered in the state is very low, and can make it ” unlikely” that West Virginians will interact with someone who tested positive for the virus.

However, Simmons said the number can be deceiving, as residents living in the middle of Martinsburg, or Morgantown — areas of high density — are at a much higher risk of contact with COVID-19.

Over 80% of all positive cases are reported to be White/Caucasian, Simmons said in his presentation. The data also reports 7.2% of positive cases are Black residents of West Virginia.

While 21% of the confirmed cases are people above the ages of 70, Simmons said it could also mean younger people are less likely to show symptoms and therefore, less likely to get tested. “We’re not quite sure what percentage of the cases could be asymptomatic,” Simmons said.

The fact that we’re seeing higher cases in women than men, could also be attributed to men not being as likely to seek health care as women are, Simmons said.

Watch the full update above for more information on the breakdown.


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