Martinsburg VA Medical Center hosts annual volunteer award ceremony

West Virginia
Sunday was a day to give back to veterans for the Martinsburg VA Medical Center as they held their annual volunteer award ceremony.
The ceremony was to recognize service rendered by volunteers.
“This year we have volunteers that started at 100 hours and we have two gentlemen who will be getting the 10,000 hour award, so its pretty amazing the amount of time that some of our volunteers have put in,” said Terry Stotler , the chief of voluntary service.
The Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service was established in 1946 and has been serving veterans for 73 years. The Martinsburg Medical Center has over 470 volunteers that contributed more than 46,000 hours of service in the fiscal year of 2018.
“We have volunteers that work our hospice and care unit including our 11th hour angels and that’s a very dedicated group of volunteers who sit with the actively dying veterans to make sure that no veteran ever dies alone,” Stotler said.
Every volunteer did something different and each service was genuine.
“In the dementia ward, especially there, we take them coffee and donuts, birthday cakes and just we sit there and talk with them,” said Richard Seeley , who won the 10,000 hour honor award.
Seeley says first and foremost he checked on his fellow veterans every day to make sure all their needs were being met.”
They just want someone to come and talk to them. Listen to them. We try to help and we try to see, number one are they being treated good, number two do they need anything if they need clothes or blankets or whatever they need we give it to them,” he said.
Award winners say their work doesn’t stop here, they will continue to give back to the men and women who served in our country.

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