Martinsburg residents raise concerns over flooding

West Virginia

Heavy rains raise concerns for residents in Berkeley County.

Concerned residents say the heavy rains have been so bad, and it has impacted their homes on the stretch of South Raleigh Street in Martinsburg. 

“When it flooded, our washer and dryer literally was floating,” said Elaine Brooks. “Literally was floating in this area and we had to get rid of it.”

Brooks says she is now careless. Her new car was parked right in front of her home, and the heavy rains made its way inside, completely damaging it.

“So now that I get a new car, and it rains again, is it going to get it flooded again? I just want someone to come look at it,” said Brooks. “It’s been awhile, and things have been getting destroyed so when is it going to stop?”

City officials say they installed water pumps to help alleviate the problem. Neighbor Hazel Penwell said it doesn’t help, and that the floods have been an issue for as long as she’s lived here.

“It was like that years ago,” said Penwell, a resident for 50 years. 

Residents say they reached out to the city, asking for some sort of solution. City Manager Mark Baldwin said the area is prone to flooding, and they are currently evaluating the situation.

“I’m not going to be here that much longer, but I feel sorry for people over there because it was the worst that I’ve ever seen it,” said Penwell. 

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