Martinsburg hosts second annual Veterans Day parade.

West Virginia

MARTINSBURG, W.Va (WDVM) — The city of Martinsburg hosted its second annual Veterans Day Parade.

The four state Community Veterans Engagement Board has a mission to address the needs of veterans. One of their key goals is to enhance their experience. One of the best ways they could do that was to host a parade in their honor.

“We have to learn from them, they have so much knowledge and experience I think we forget so we’re here to try and help gap it for the younger generations to learn,” Ken Lesher said, who’s part of the parade committee.

Over 50 people participated in the parade, with music, dedication vehicles for fallen heroes and American flags held high. The streets were lined with people from all over the tri-state area to show support and love for their heroes.

“Our veterans are wonderful, they’re part of our community and we so desperately need to reach out to them and be a part of their world too,” Harriet Johnson said, from Martinsburg city council.

“We want to honor them and let them know, that we’re so thankful for their service years, past, present and future,” Jocelyn Doyle said, the parade committee president.

Veterans that took a ride in the parade say, if they had the opportunity, they would serve our county all over again.

“I served eight years, best eight years of my life and it changed my entire life the united states marine core,” Richard E. Seeley said.

“Two years and about 20 days, I was in Germany and in combat I was in infantry with the 76 infantry division,” Tony Christopher said.

They say, just a simple “thank you” means more to them than anyone will ever know.

“I am so happy that veterans are getting recognized for the good things that they have done,” Seeley said.

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