Martinsburg High School’s new system will save thousands of dollars

West Virginia

MARTINSBURG, W.V.a (WDVM) — Martinsburg High School has been under construction all summer installing a new HVAC system that uses renewable energy.

The home of the bulldogs is undergoing geothermal renovations to its cooling and heating system. The school is working side by side with CMTA energy solutions, a consulting energy firm that specializes in efficient engineering. “It works by taking heat from underneath the surface, underneath the ground and heating the school or cooling the school,” Matt Farkas said, a construction manager for CMTA Solutions.

During the winter, the new system will take heat from the ground and during the summer, it puts heat back into the ground. “The earth’s temperature is typically at 55 degrees at a constant temperature five feet below the surface so that’s how they are able to give heat and take heat from the ground,” Farkas said. Officials say, not only will they will be saving money, but this also gives each individual classroom control over the temperature. Once the project is complete, the school will be saving close to an estimated $180,000 dollars. To widen the savings on a larger building, CMTA offers other energy efficient solutions.

“Convert to led lighting, we convert to low flow plumbing, upgrade HVAC equipment to new stuff we have control which allows us to turn back temperatures when buildings are unoccupied,” Farkas said. According to Farkas, there is talk of CMTA energies doing work in Maryland. Officials say the project will still be under construction on the first day of school, but the system will be fully functional.

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