Latest CT scan technology produces quicker results at Berkeley Medical Center

West Virginia

Eastern Panhandle residents now have access to the latest computed tomography (CT) technology that doctors say are safe and fast.

Officials at Berkeley Medical Center say the new technology will allow for CAT scans to go from five minutes to just under a minute to be completed. 

The Aquilion One/Genesis Edition was brought to WVU Medicine Berkeley Medical Center in the beginning of July. 

Officials say the hospital does about 80 CT scans a day, which equates to over 2,000 a month. The process is quicker in that the scanner can get it done in one rotation. 

“It gives very good anatomy and you can see it in minutes,” said Selwyn Persad, Director of Radiology at Berkeley Medical Center. 

The advanced technology came at a time when officials say their previous scanner was not compliant with federal regulations. With the Eastern Panhandle having a high number of people with heart disease, this new system not only is efficient, but also reduces the radiation dose to keep patients safe. 

“We can serve our patients a lot more,” said Persad. “We have another scanner that came a year ago, but that sits in the emergency room and does strictly emergency patients.” 

Besides Morgan Town, Berkeley Medical Center is the only hospital to have the advanced technology. 

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