Large tree topples onto Martinsburg home

West Virginia

A Martinsburg couple is displaced after a tree falls on their home. 

Take a look and you’ll see a massive tree fell on a home in Martinsburg on King Street after heavy rain and thunder poured down Thursday afternoon. Mitchell Masker says he was in the den watching television at the time and didn’t see it coming. 

“Didn’t do anything except a loud thud and I heard glass breaking,” said Masker.  

He says he’s had the Wanda tree since he moved here 38 years ago. Crews were already working on cutting what they can of the tree with the help of a crane to hold the weight of it. 

“It’s gone through every kind of storm. We’ve trimmed it. Nothing has ever happened. One branch one time. And today they say they think it was a tornado,” he said. 

Nearby other trees were also tipped over in the school yard, and with downed power poles made this neighborhood a mess. Masker says he remembers back to when his children asked him to do something about the tree when they first moved in. 

“Yeah my daughter and my son wished we could cut the tree down at the time and build a pool. And I said no. So anyway later we just kept going on and kept the tree,” said Masker.  

Luckily no one was injured. Masker and his wife will take time to slowly rebuild of what was their home. 

“Doing the best we can,” said Masker.  

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