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Harpers Ferry council votes against proposals provided by developer on Hilltop House Hotel project

Protesters lined up outside town hall before Monday night's meeting

HARPERS FERRY, W.Va. - Prior to Monday night's meeting, protestors lined up outside of town hall to encourage the mayor and council to stop stalling on the Hilltop House Hotel project.

"There's a small group in town that's denying and delaying the Hilltop Hotel process, and it's high time that we get this thing moving," said Chad Gauthier, a Harpers Ferry resident. 

"I just hope that we can make it happen. I just hope that the council will pay some attention," said Gary Hill, a Bolivar resident. 
Wayne Bishop, the mayor, informed the town that progress is being made, but the council had to get through a crucial step. There are three public streets in town that SWaN has desired to have access to for the project.  

What the hotel developers chosen to do is get through that issue first with these streets," said Bishop.
SWaN has submitted a Request For Information, where they gave the council two options regarding the streets. With option one, the town would abandon the three streets. While option two gave the town the choice to sell the streets for $999.00. The council voted against both options.

"What we want to do is move the project forward, but there's a lot of negotiations that need to take place," said Bishop.
The council voted against the proposals because they wanted to new language drafted, which outlined in greater detail what access the public would have on the streets, if they get turned over to swan.
Going forward, the town has agreed to continue to listen to the council of their town planner.
And even though the council voted against the proposals, SWaN representatives say they want to reach an agreement by Feb. 28.

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