Grandma’s Diner ranked most iconic in all of West Virginia

West Virginia

MSN just ranked a small family owned diner in downtown Charles Town the most iconic diner in all of West Virginia.

Grandma’s Diner was built by an African-American landowner named Russell Roper in the mid-1960s and leased the restaurant to a local hometown favorite that many referred to as granny. Now over the years, the building has changed names and even food chains, however, the Roper family continues to lease the business to families who are committed to being an active community member.

Luckily, there’s a new granny in town.

“They come here because it feels like home and they always say they love the food, they love my girls who work here and they just love everybody,” said Grandma of Grandma’s Diner Francisca Guzman. “It’s like a family restaurant, our customers are like our family.”

What makes Grandma’s Diner stand out is it truly is considered a home for some customers.

“Cause we like the customers and food, everybody happy,” said Francisca. “They always come over here and they enjoy it here cause I’m a little crazy.”

And the legacy will live on through Francesca’s son, David Guzman.

“For us to come in and people say ‘hey there’s another grandma’, it’s exciting we’re so happy,” said Co-owner David Guzman. “She started baking pies and apparently the original granny baked a lot of pies. A lot of people say they come in here for the food and entertainment, I don’t know what they mean by that but I guess we’re very entertaining. Grandma loves to hammer a lot of people, she’s very funny to have around.”   

Charles Town’s Mayor Scott Rogers extended his congratulations to Grandma’s Diner.

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