Federal government facing potential shutdown by week’s end

West Virginia

WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Things are tense on Capitol Hill this week as Congress rushes to prevent a government shutdown.

With the new fiscal year upon us at 12:01 a.m. Friday, failure of the House and Senate to agree to a spending plan could paralyze a wide range of public services, from food inspections to processing of tax refunds and small business loans. Federal employees will not be paid — and some, like those in the military or air traffic controllers — will be required to work without a paycheck.

Funding for social security, school lunches – that will stop. Services such as getting a passport will be inaccessible. How are people in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia reacting?

Adikan Parsons lives in Autin, Texas but is visiting his mom in Hedgesville this week.

“With our 2-party system you get a lot of pointing fingers, and it just involves a lot of argumentative processes. Just with the way our government is now, it’s not really working for us. They’re working against each other,” Parson said.

Complicating action on the spending plan is debate over raising the federal debt ceiling, which authorizes Washington to borrow so it can meet its financial obligations.

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