County commissioner candidates address Rockwool concerns

West Virginia

Six candidates are vying for two seats on the Jefferson County Commission. But all of the candidates had a seat at the League of Women Voter’s candidate forum Monday evening in order to answer questions and concerns. 
One of the biggest concerns brought up at the forum was Rockwool. 

The first question was if the candidates believed the Rockwool process was transparent.  

They found that Rockwool would promote the present and prospected prosperity, health, happiness, safety and general welfare of the people in Jefferson county. [However] I don’t think Rockwool does that,” said Robert Barrat, democratic candidate for the Middleway district. 

 “It was so transparent, you couldn’t even see it,” quipped David Tabb, the Mountain Party candidate for Harpers Ferry District. 

Jane Tabb, who was a sitting member of the commission during the original decision and the republican candidate for the Middleway district  seemed to agree. 

“I do not feel…that the process was transparent. We’re still digging for more details,” she said. 

“I would hope that if I was County Commissioner…and I saw that they were going to put two 200-foot stacks up that I would be the one to object,” said Ralph Lorenzetti, democratic candidate for Harpers Ferry district. 

But Peter Onoszco, who was also on the commission at the time and is the republican candidate for the Harpers Ferry district, said the problem comes from a different place. 

 “When the [time for] public comment and hearings was given, no body bothered to show up,” he said. 

Which led to the second question, whether a new process of letting people know about public hearings and other information should be put in place.

“My kids don’t look at newspapers, they look at Twitter and Facebook. We need to have some kind of notice that way,” suggested Lorenzetti. 

For now, Jane Tabb says the only legal requirement for the county is to put notices on the courthouse door. Whether that will be changed remains to be seen. 

Also discussed during the forum were the issues of “Home Rule” and the Confederate plaque on the courthouse front. 

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