Controversial Rockwool factory creates divide, families moving

West Virginia

WDVM caught up with a family who ultimately made the move to see where they are now

JEFFERSON COUNTY, W.Va (WDVM) — The Rockwool factory in Ranson, West Virginia is creating a divide, with families up and moving, some from where they’ve called home much of their life.

“It was supposed to be a forever home,” said Jessie Haugh, who decided to to move to Winchester, Virginia while still pregnant with her son. Living next to a factory wasn’t in her life plan.

Now, her family of three’s “forever home” in Kearneysville (Jefferson County) is up for sale. Her former home is located just two miles from the controversial manufacturing plant.

“It really perturbed us, what is going to be emitted from that factory,” said Haugh. Area realtor Susan Reichel says, in the last week, she’s heard from at least 10 people, each debating to move away from Jefferson County

“Now that they’re getting really into their site prep, we’re hearing more and more and more from people,” she said.

Reichel said she understands the struggle. She moved to Jefferson County for a healthier, better life. Professionally, she says, “I’ll just keep plugging away for people and help them.”

As for Haugh, she said she will continue the fight and support her community. “We know we made the right decision and we hope every single day that Rockwool does get stopped and doesn’t decimate this area.”Rockwool plans to have the Ranson plant open by the fall of 2020.

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