Congressman Alex Mooney listens to local U.S. veterans

West Virginia

Congressman Alex Mooney visited with local veteran organizations in Martinsburg to figure out ways to improve care for U.S. vets.

He recently announced his Veterans History Project Partnership which gives him and other congress members the opportunity to listen to veteran’s stories, concerns and successes to improve their overall quality of life after service.

“If there’s one issue that we can all work on, republicans and democrats, it’s helping our veterans.” said Congressman Mooney. “But often times at meetings like this, I often come away with a good idea for a legislative idea in Washington DC, or a bureaucratic idea that needs to be resolved. Or, if I hear positive feedback, that’s good too, we need to hear that as well.”

Several U.S. veterans and veteran based organizations came out to share ideas and ask Congressman Mooney specific questions, right in person.

“It’s just really great that he’s coming to grab the public’s opinion and try to find more ways to help.” said CEO of Simms Health Jerren Simms. “What I really took from it was case management and finding more ways to get these veterans help. A lot of times, veterans are having trouble accessing these resources, so it’s great to get everyone, put our heads together to figure out how to get the veterans the most help that we can.”

“Well I mean as a West Virginian resident, delegate, and a veteran, it’s a real honor to have the gentleman come out here and it’s nice to know that he’s concerned about it.” said West Virginia District 60 Delegate Marshall Wilson. “You probably heard me say a while ago that West Virginia has more veterans per capita than any other state, so veteran issues are huge here.

“I think it means a lot, when you have a congressman come out and show interest in the community, especially for veterans,” said Air Force Veteran Tom Bibby. “I spent 22 years in the Air Force as a pilot. I got to see a lot and I know it’s a hard transition coming from the military to civilian life.”

Many veterans at Thursday’s meeting said they appreciated Congressman Mooney coming in person to celebrate with them and listen to their concerns.

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