Coast Guard wife’s vision helps raise 8,000 lbs of food

West Virginia

The government shut down has impacted a lot of lives, particularly a lot of families in Shepherdstown- like the ones who actively serve in the coast guard. 

Kerri Godfrey saw the community she lives in begin to struggle. 

Her husband who is an active member of the coast guard told her about other members in this area. These families were hungry, their  pantries were empty  and their bank accounts were depleted, all because they weren’t getting paid. 

Godfrey immediately reached out to the visitor center, where she met the director, Marianne Davis- the two collaborated to reach out in the community.

The community answered- giving back well over what their anticipated goal was.

Even allowing them to hang on to the nonperishable items, they can distribute if this ever happens again-

Kerri Godfrey said,  “The coast guard is a family. You don’t let your family that is in trouble, the people who have seen you through so much, the people who are in the same boat, go through something that they don’t have to.” 

Over the last six days, the community raised over six thousand dollars and eight thousand pounds of food right here at the pantry.

The community center is preparing for a future shut down in three weeks, but if the government doesn’t- they are donating the remainder of the food items to the Jefferson County community ministries, animal welfare society of Jefferson County and the women’s shelter.  

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