Charges dropped for 20 Rockwool protesters arrested in Washington D.C.

West Virginia

Twenty Rockwool protesters had a court date set for Thursday, April 25 until Brian Kim, Washington D.C. assistant attorney general, told the group that the city wouldn’t be pursuing charges anymore. 

“All 20 of us are absolutely elated that we do not have to go to court although the drive to D.C. for us, would have been more than worth it,” said Susan Pipes, leader of the Women’s March West Virginia group. 

Pipes went on to say that it would have been worth it because the act of being arrested shows just how far they will go to see change. 

“Civil disobedience is part of American history,” said Delegate John Doyle who represents Distict 67 in the West Virginia House of Delegates. “It’s an important way that laws get made in this country.” 

The group made up of protesters of all ages spent a total of nine hours under arrest, eight in a jail.

“The time we did spend in the jail, that day for that particular offense, seemed a little bit extreme. So I think that’s why they dropped everything,” said Gerald Hatcher who was one of the protesters arrested. 

Many of those arrested say say they would do it all again, and are preparing for the possibility. 

“Anytime that you are preparing for a moral action, you have to prepare yourself. You have to know what’s going on as far as your rights, raise bail money or have attorney fees,” said Pipes. 

Training workshops hosted by the ACLU are scheduled for May 8 and May 9. The topics are “Know Your Rights” and another on being a “Legal Observer.” 

Pipes encourages anyone who is interested in supporting the protest to participate in whatever way they find necessary. 

 “Everyone has a role in this movement, whether you’re willing to be arrested or willing to be a supporter, every voice matters,” said Pipes. 

For more information on the ACLU workshops, click here to contact Women’s March West Virginia.

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