BSR held first Women-Only gun course safety class

West Virginia

BSR is a premiere training company that specializes in diverse disciplines, but Friday morning they hosted their first Women-Only 1 Day course designed to create a training environment that’s comfortable and encouraging for women.

“I think sometimes that women might be a little intimidated going to a range when there’s a bunch of guys doing their thing,” said BSR Instructor Larry Connolly. “It isn’t that we soften it or dumb it down, it’s just that it’s a little more of a comfortable atmosphere. They’re not competing with competitive guys that have been shooting for years. It’s just a place for them to come feel more comfortable and start from the basics and build up from there.”

The course focused on marksmanship, safety and basic weapon manipulations like loading, unloading and malfunction drills, but most importantly the proper mindset to have when operating a gun.

“Being able to have self-defense is good but if something bad happened, I’d rather be able to level the playing field and I figured if that’s something that brings a deadly weapon into the equation I better learn how to do it smartly,” said Women-Only Gun Course Participant Erica Reznor.

36 out of 50 states in America honor a West Virginia concealed carry license and almost 150,000 licenses are active in the state.

“Making sure I don’t put my finger in the wrong place and also being safe with the people around me that I’m trying to protect as well so that was a really good part of the class as well,”  said Women-Only Gun Course Participant Andrew Fischner.

Most of the women that participated in the course wanted to learn more to feel safer by themselves.

“I work alone at night in an industrial area where there isn’t anybody close by and sleep in the dark late at night so I just feel a little more secure knowing that I can take care of myself,”  said Women-Only Gun Course Participant Vickie Evans.

BSR plans to make the Women-Only course an annual event.

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