Berkeley County officials are working towards opening a Crisis-Stabilization and Detox Center


For those struggling with addiction, help is on the way.

Community officials in the Eastern Panhandle are working together to find possible solutions for the drug epidemic.

Martinsburg resident, Stephanie Stout struggled with addiction for most of her young life.

“It started when I was about 17 or 18,” Stout explained.

Due to a lack of resources in her area, her only option was to recover from prison.

“If there were something here that I could’ve looked to, you know gotten into a detox possibly, and then had some kind of active program afterwards, it could’ve came sooner,” Stout said. “Because that’s what I would’ve received when I was incarcerated.”

After her time in incarceration, Stout looked into her treatment options, the closest being three hours away.

So instead of leaving her family behind, she chose to stay behind bars.

“We have no in-patient treatment centers in this area for crisis or detox since the mid-90’s,” Peter Callahan, of Callahan Counseling Services, said.

Callahan is working with the state and Berkeley County to bring people like Stout other options.

“There is help out there,” Callahan said.

Specifically, a short term detox center.

“Those that are withdrawing from alcohol, heroin or any of those other harsh drugs will be able to get these services closer to home,” Callahan says.

The center will also provide stabilization services for those who suffer with anxiety and depression.

It will work hand-in-hand with the Recovery Resource Center.

“This is going to offer people a quicker way to find recovery,” Kevin Knowles, the Berkeley County Recovery Resource Coordinator said. “A quicker way to get into detox and a quicker way to find long-term treatment.”

Callahan hopes to have the facility up-and-running by April or May of next year.

After a city hearing, Callahan plans to move forward with prepping the building for either 12 or 16 beds, a kitchen and around 35 employees.

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