16 immigrants celebrate new U.S. citizenship at Harpers Ferry

West Virginia

"Today changed my life forever."

HARPERS FERRY, W.Va. (WDVM) — The lives of 16 individuals changed forever as they officially became United States citizens.

“I’m just great, this is wonderful, this is probably the most beautiful moment in my whole life,” said Switzerland Native George Huber.

Representing 12 different countries, family members and loved ones gathered at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park to celebrate and welcome these new American citizens.

“This is my country, I love America and I wanted to be here,” said India native Susmitha Bose. “All my family and friends are here, I’d love to stay here forever. I’m very excited and very proud to be an American now.”

According to the U.S. Immigration, obtaining U.S. citizenship is easier now than ever before. However, the process still might be grueling for some.

“I’m beyond excited, happy, and glad it’s finally over and I’m finally a U.S. citizen,” said Germany native Julia Harris. “It’s the land of opportunities and I fell in love with my husband who used to be a service member so we now have two beautiful children.”

One thing that all 16 citizens could agree on was becoming a United States citizen meant bringing families back together the right way.

“I moved here 20 years ago, and I married my husband five years ago, and I just feel at home here,” said Huber. “I actually feel more at home here than my birth country Switzerland and I just love it so much to be here.”

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration services predict that if the applicant has all their forms in line, the citizenship process should take about a year to complete.

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