West Virginia legislators talk local issues with community members


On Friday, legislators seized the opportunity to address serious concerns with West Virginians.

Legislative officials had the opportunity to discuss issues concerning all West Virginians with Eastern Panhandle locals. The topics at-hand focused on the drug epidemic, education reform and budgets.

Some of the legislators said the drugs and education issues go hand-in-hand.

“There’s a correlation with the boredom in the classroom, to where the student is then looking for avenues of escape, because they are not being challenged in school like they need to be” Craig Blair, District 15 Senator, said.

Legislators were able to express the changes they want to propose for the upcoming legislative session starting with education.

“High schools should have around 500, [students] so that way, you can have four football teams [and] basketball teams. Yes, they are smaller, but then they learn the competition. They learn to be work as team. They are part of something,” Blair said.

“There are top-heavy structures in Charleston, so its taking funds that could be used in the classroom and are placing them down in bureaucrats. That’s definitely something we need to look at changing,” Jill Upson, a Jefferson County delegate, said.

This was all part of the legislative breakfast, where local legislators had an opportunity to communicate with residents.

“It allows us to be in front of the people who elected us to have accountability to answer their questions, to get to hear their perspective and hear the things that concern them,” Upson said.

Legislators will have a wrap-up of the 2017 West Virginia legislative session in Spring 2017.

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