West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin discusses thoughts on incoming Biden administration


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — On the eve of President-Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, politicians were looking ahead at the incoming administration. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin held a press conference on Tuesday to discuss his thoughts on the new political landscape.

Sen. Manchin will certainly be someone to watch in the coming years. He has long been a key player in the Senate, being a registered Democrat but often voting evenly between bills brought on by both parties. With the Senate now being split down the middle between Democrats and Republicans, Sen. Manchin is expected to be a crucial vote on issues that need a simple majority to get passed.

But Manchin said he hopes the split Senate will actually encourage his fellow senators to vote more moderately and less along party lines.

“It’d be best if we all start sitting down and getting something accomplished,” said Sen. Manchin. “I am determined that this place is going to work, and we’re going to have the committees working, the markups working. We’re going to have amendments on the floor and debates. And if I can make that happen then I am happy to take all the criticism that comes with it.”

Manchin also expressed his hopes that the more moderate voting will begin with the upcoming impeachment trial, and that senators will listen to and judge all of the evidence before making a decision. The impeachment trial could be an interesting show of bipartisanship, as a lofty minimum of 67 senators will be needed to convict President Trump.

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