West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin stresses importance of improving cybersecurity practices


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — President Joe Biden has officially blamed Russia for playing a role in the SolarWinds cyberattack on multiple government agencies and private companies. In this breach, a widely-used software program was hacked into and infected with malware.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has now used his position as chairman in the Senate subcommittee on cybersecurity to bring these issues to the forefront. In an age where the nation is so focused on building up broadband infrastructure and bringing rural areas online, Manchin called on the Defense Department to improve safety measures within networks, rather than building a stronger outer wall that can still be breached.

“These hacking operations subverted tens of thousands of critical government and industry networks, and undermined trust in the information infrastructure that supports our economy, our government and our private lives,” said Manchin. “We’re holding this hearing today in an open session because it is vitally important for the American people to learn how the federal government is going to respond and to better protect the nation.”

Manchin suggested the federal government should be operating on a “zero-trust network” — that is, a system where even people inside of the network aren’t inherently trusted, and identities are constantly verified to ward off hackers.

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