The aftermath of the riots on Capitol Hill


Interim Police Chief Rob Conte told D.C. residents to expect increased police presence and traffic interruptions.

WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Police Chief Rob Conte told D.C. residents to expect increased police presence and traffic interruptions as the city investigates Wednesday’s mob on Capitol Hill. 

During her briefing to reporters Thursday, Mayor Muriel Bowser called the events domestic terrorism. “This should send a clear message to our nation and the world that despite actions of an unhinged president, and those who believe the baseless conspiracies that have been peddled by him and other election officials, that the United States remains strong,” she said.

As of Thursday morning, the Metropolitan Police Department had arrested 68 people. Chief Conte says 60 were adult males and eight were adult females. The police department has released photographs of its at-large suspects. The FBI has launched a website for tips and MPD is taking tips by text at 50411. 

“As we speak we have members of the Metropolitan Police Department that are scouring the area’s hotels, businesses, et cetera, trying to identify some of these individuals that still may be taking up residence within our city,” Conte said.

Police were on high alert on Capitol Hill Thursday. 3rd Street was lined with Virginia State Police, Metropolitan Police vehicles, and unmarked police vehicles. Police arrested an unnamed suspect in an adjacent parking lot. 

Many rally-goers returned to the Capitol Thursday, including Will Thomas of Ohio, who says he was tear-gassed during the riot. “I think everything was well other than the violence. Any violence. Any destruction I don’t approve of. I think that was unacceptable but everything else I would say is alright.” 

Congress completed the electoral count overnight, but New York’s Andrew Semel-Defeo says he doesn’t support a change of power on Inauguration Day. “Not until I feel like there’s a fair and honest recount of the election.”

Iowa’s Bret Brecunier is skeptical of the media’s portrayal of the riot and says the demonstrations at the Capitol were mostly peaceful. “It was waving flags and talking about freedom. It wasn’t anything violent. There was no talk of overthrowing the Capitol or anything like that,” he said. “I am convinced there was no intention of that.”

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