Rallies start in D.C. the day before Congress will vote on electoral college results


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Downtown streets closed in the District of Columbia Tuesday, January 5, as hundreds flocked to Freedom Plaza for the first of many pro-Trump rallies planned for the week. This comes as Congress is expected to certify 2020 Election results on Wednesday, January 6.

The group came from all across the nation. Henry Davis, from St. Louis, Missouri, said, “(This is) a precursor. It’s the pre-celebration. It’s saying, look y’all, we’re watching. We’re looking. We’re listening, and we’re not stupid.”

As the event went on, guest speakers praised President Trump and the crowd watched, cheered and celebrated together. One person who traveled from Jacksonville, Florida, Adam Francisco, said, “The people of America are angry. They’re upset. We think our election was stolen from us and we need to be here to support our president, but more importantly, support our constitution.”

Another member of the crowd, Caroline Kyle, from Fort Worth, Texas, said, “We wanna show the world that we back President Trump. We believe in President Trump and we do believe the election was stolen from him.”

Looking to Wednesday, the crowd is banking on Vice President Mike Pence. Davis said, “Personally, what I think is going to happen is Mike Pence is going to certify that Donald Trump is the President of the United States.” Francisco added, “Pence is going to have to pull a magic trick out of his hat tomorrow and do something epic.”

If the crowd’s hope in Vice President Pence fails and Joe Biden is certified as the next POTUS, the group wants an audit of all of the votes so they can move on with confidence in our democracy. Anna Mason from Fort Worth explained, “You’re going to fight for your family. You’re going to fight for your child. This is America. This is our country.”

While there were hundreds out on Tuesday, the group expects many many more to be out on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s events are expected to start at 7 a.m. President Donald Trump tweeted that he will be speaking at the rally at the Ellipse at 11 a.m.

The Metropolitan Police Department has made two arrests related to the demonstrations. Both arrests were men from Asheville, North Carolina. A 34-year-old was charged with No Permit. A 46-year-old is facing six charges, five of which are weapons-related, and one firework charge.

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