Monolith popped up in the capital city


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Monoliths have been mysteriously popping up across the country since mid-November, and now one D.C. resident is adding their front yard in the Hillcrest neighborhood to the list of locations.

Bil Anderson said he and his family discovered the nine-foot structure Sunday, December 6, when returning home from a morning outing.

It is still a mystery has to who put the monolith in the front yard, but Anderson said it is likely some payback for practical jokes he has played on his neighbors in the past. He said he believes it is a result of being quarantined for too long. He said, “I don’t think I was randomly selected by aliens for it to land in my front yard, but I do think it was probably a broad coalition of people who put it together and decided it would be best put here, and they were quite sneaky about it.”

The monolith is well constructed, having survived some strong wind gusts already.

As to how long it will be in the front yard, that too remains a mystery.

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