Leading developer discusses growth in the D.C. metro area


WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Cranes and construction can be found throughout the D.M.V. Leading developer, Miller & Long, is responsible for many of the tower cranes in the region.

In Tysons, the tallest construction site in the region with the two tallest tower cranes belongs to Miller & Long.

Jim Martinowski, the Vice President of Miller & Long, said, “There are several corridors in this market that are explosively growing.”

The growth that is currently happening in the area is in the cities surrounding the nation’s capital.

“We’re spreading out and maybe it’s a factor of being able to work remotely or better transportation,” said Chief Executive Officer, Brett McMahon, said.

No matter what factors are leading the growth, it is happening and bringing opportunities with it.

“We have normally between 15 and 20 active projects between Miller & Long. We are pursuing a record amount of new work currently,” Martinowski said.

The work is providing jobs during the construction and afterward as businesses fill vacancies.

To date, Miller & Long has employed 90,000 people, and they are just one of several construction companies working in the region.

McMahon said, “It’s been one of the largest construction markets on the planet consistently, at least for 40 or 50 years.”

As the demand continues to grow, the company is working to not only build great projects but also be more sustainable.

McMahon said, “We work on our own variety of materials that will have a much less footprint. We know that our primary material is concerning for people, so we either fix it ourselves or get it fixed for us.”

Martinowski added, “We are proud to adjust and innovate our operation as the buildings have adjusted over time.”

Though construction hot spots shift, one thing that is certain is, there is no end in sight for regional demand.

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